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Since 1998, a community oral history collection partnership of the Old Church Gallery, Ltd., Radford University’s Center for Social and Cultural Research, Honors Program, Scholar-Citizen Initiative, Appalachian Regional and Rural Studies Center, and Floyd County High School. Our archives now hold over 100 interviews.

In our Roots with Wings project, college mentors, high school staff, and community volunteers meet weekly during the school year to teach the discipline of oral history collection to Floyd County High School students.

Students learn ethical, methodologically sound interview techniques, practice and complete several interviews, transcribe the audiotapes, create searchable content logs, archive interviewee resources and period photographs, learn the technology of audio and video recording, research historical backgrounds, acquire proficiency in iMovie and storytelling, and finally extract a theme from an hour long interview to create a seven minute movie production.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Summertime Review & Update 

Post Semester Follow-up Work 

After a most successful student movie premier May 26th from our four "Community and Neighborhood" themed interviews (see our one-minute movie trailer! above), our staff, along with new volunteers Tim Smith (retired, Ohio University Library) and Shayley Martin (Floyd County High School student), set to work to finalize and archive the volume of data and media produced during the semester.   

Each transcript received four to five reviews to assure editing and formatting improvements for the final version.  We then printed the final transcript for each interviewee's presentation binder, also including DVDs of the two movies per interviewee with a slideshow of each person's personal photos and memorabilia, CDs of the 90 minute interview, printed images, and in some cases, DVD copies of interviewee-shared, vintage Super 8 video.  

       Here Mac Whitlock, Whitlock's Garage, 
is shown with a first look at his 2016 
Interview Presentation Binder - he looks pleased! 

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Movie Production Time

Eight student movies underway!

This year, for the first time in our nine years of conducting inter-generational interviews, we received period video footage from our interviewees, along with other shared personal items--period photos, clippings, artifacts, and documents.   Big thanks to Asta Productions, Christiansburg, to John Hildreth, Radford University Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, and also to George Slusher, for help with the digitization of several Super 8 film reels.

1960s Pulaski Speedway #27A Wins!


Video from 1990s Friday Nite Jamboree!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Theme Construction Time

Creating Short Film Stories 

April 21st the class divided into four movie groups, one for each of our interviewees.  With assistance from the Radford University mentors, the groups brainstormed story themes from the printed interview transcripts. 

There was no shortage of ideas, since our respondents each had many varied life experiences in music, farm, sales, business, sports, and education.  What to choose?

Our celebration is set for Thursday, May 26th, at the high school library, where we’ll have our movie premiers and see the results of the students' work.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Almost Ready for Movie-making!

Content Logs create Keyword lists

It’s April 14th and we are on the tail-end of transcribing!  We're now peer-editing them for accuracy, and creating content logs—indexes of the important things that are said—so everything is well organized for the future. 
We will soon be editing our film footage into several small documentaries, and so are getting ready to plan what sort of stories we want to tell from each interview. 
Some students have begun composing themes and storyboards for their videos.  Next week we begin editing with iMovie!

Dr. Wagner explains how our videos can
  be created as both informative and entertaining-

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