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Floyd Story Center

Since 1998, a community oral history collection partnership of the Old Church Gallery, Ltd., Radford University’s Center for Social and Cultural Research, Honors Program, Scholar-Citizen Initiative, Appalachian Regional and Rural Studies Center, and Floyd County High School. Our archives now hold over 100 interviews.

In our Roots with Wings project, college mentors, high school staff, and community volunteers meet weekly during the school year to teach the discipline of oral history collection to Floyd County High School students.

Students learn ethical, methodologically sound interview techniques, practice and complete several interviews, transcribe the audiotapes, create searchable content logs, archive interviewee resources and period photographs, learn the technology of audio and video recording, research historical backgrounds, acquire proficiency in iMovie and storytelling, and finally extract a theme from an hour long interview to create a seven minute movie production.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

New DVD set of WWII Oral History Films 

Successful All Day Premiere and Presentation


See the very nice video link on our April 14th event from the Floyd Press:


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Interview Day with Floyd County High School Students 

Exploring Floyd County Downtown

The time has flown, and our Roots with Wings project is in full force.  Thursday, March 29, students from Floyd County High School and mentors from Radford University traveled to Hotel Floyd to conduct four interviews.  We are excited to finally share our experiences. 

To prepare for the day, RU mentors created checklists to make sure everything ran smoothly. We set up our equipment, arranged our rooms accordingly, and went on with each interview. 

The high school students put their interview skills to the test with our guests who shared stories about living in intentional communities. Though they come from different parts of the country, they found something special in Floyd. With differing backgrounds, these residents of Floyd County all shared a love of place.

Once the interviews were completed, RU student mentors guided the FCHS students to the Old Church Gallery, where volunteers gave us a full tour and a map to learn about downtown Floyd. 

Roots with Wings at Floyd Country Store for lunch! 
We took the students on an adventure to learn more about their community. Special thanks to the Floyd Country Store, who took us in for lunch. The food and company was everything we needed to complete the special day. Now that we have all the materials we need, we'll begin transcribing and creating short videos. We'll keep you posted to see how the students do!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Hurry-up and wait!

Scheduled Interviews Postponed to March 29th 

Have you ever planned something so well, but everything just went OPPOSITE? While snow days often work in our favor, we did not anticipate the snow to slow us down this time. 

For safety reasons, we postponed our interviews to March 29th. While we wait patiently for next week, our Radford University student-mentors and Floyd County High School students are practicing for the upcoming interviews. Fingers crossed that the snow stays away while we gather our community members to share their stories.

Meanwhile, the Floyd Story Center at the Old Church Gallery has plans for a film premiere of ten years of Roots with Wings oral history interview short films.  The job is never done for those volunteering their time to preserve Floyd history. 

See below the announcement for the "From the Front Porch to the Front Lines" all-day film screening.  We hope you save the date and join us for this special presentation. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Meet & Greet Day

Learning the Stories

If you could sit down to chat with anyone whoever lived, who would you choose? You could ask questions about their childhood, their favorite memories, and their biggest achievements.

FCHS and RU mentors meet Floyd County residents
This comes true with our opportunity to sit down with local residents of Floyd County in the Roots with Wings project. Our Community and Neighborhood oral history project theme continues our appreciation of the stories told by generations.

FCHS and RU mentors meet Floyd County residents
On March 15th we had Meet and Greet Day! The Media and Technology class from Floyd County High School (FCHS) had the opportunity to sit down with four local residents this past Thursday. The class of 12 split into groups so they could rotate and talk to each guest.

The day is especially important for our interview process because we get to know our four interviewees. By getting to meet with them prior to the interview date, we prepare our students and guests for interview day. 

FCHS and RU mentors meet Floyd County residents
Since we have our scheduled interviews coming soon, we want to prepare our guests with possible questions and topics of conversation. Our guests are sharing their decision to live off the land and move into Floyd County, specifically into their own intentional community.

We are listening to the community stories of our guests and will learn how they discovered and then decided to move to Floyd County.

Next Thursday, Interview Day, at Hotel Floyd, our FCHS students will apply the skills and techniques learned this semester to interview our guests. We will use our Audio Recorders - Marantz and Video Cameras - Canon AX30 to record our interviews.  Then the transcribing begins!

Wish our RU mentors and FCHS students luck throughout this process!  
- Eileen Lagos